Scent marketing is much more than the sum of its scent notes: With a corporate scent of it’s own, a company is given a very specific recognition value. The use of fragrances in marketing is as old as the first scented candle in a boutique hotel, but is becoming increasingly important in times of increased competition. The individual corporate fragrance becomes a logo for the nose The brand presence is expanded by a fourth dimension, which communicates effectively non-verbally and directly addresses the psychology of the guest, the customer or the consumer. The fragrance frame for a multi-sensual consumer experience is created.

Everyone has their own preferences for fragrances. And this is where Aromea comes into the game: beautiful moments that are associated with a fragrance are saved as pleasant. And in places that smell pleasant, you not only like to spend time, but also like to come back. People remember the place through a fragrance brand, Aromea packs these fragrances in tailor-made fragrance marketing: air design. Because you can’t not smell.

This olfactory branding has already given some international brands a holistic recognition value: Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, the Hilton and Radisson hotel groups, the Stanglwirt and also the ÖBB. Even large shopping centers such as the McArthurGlen designer outlet in Salzburg have discovered fragrance marketing for themselves using corporate scent. Fashion temples like Emporio Armani use the distinctive individual fragrance creation of the house in their flagship stores. The mentioned trading companies are among Aromea Airdesign’s customers and are continuously looked after by Aromea.

Why is fragrance marketing so important? Due to the increasing interchangeability of products and services, experience orientation as an instrument for differentiation is increasingly becoming the focus of brand management. That’s why a corporate scent is ideal for subtly charging a brand or product emotionally and anchoring it in the minds of customers. International studies are not the only evidence that pleasant scents encourage customers to stay longer, suspect higher quality and rather spontaneously decide to buy a product or service. Common sense is also signaled by a fragrance that matches the experience: “It smells good here, I feel good here, I want to stay here.”

Communication is king.
And best of all directly. Individual customer care is just as important to Aromea as the unforgettable fragrance experiences in your company.

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