Aromea Cube

with AirQ technology

The small cube of the Nano device family, the Aromea Cube, is not just square, practical and good

Quiet and reliable, he does the fragrance work with a delicate aroma veil made of nebulized droplets. The cube shape makes the Aromea Cube a chic room accessory – reserved and elegant like a gentleman. Available in the colors black and white, the polished surface results in the absolute time spirit.

In addition: Every device in the nano family is easy to use, timer-controlled and has 50 intensity levels as well as a patented process – AirQ technology, which converts the fragrance oil into nano-small droplets, nebulizes and blows them out. Naturally hypoallergenic and sustainable. Aromea installs and maintains the fragrance solutions of the Nano family: customers enjoy pleasantly scented rooms and do not have to worry about a thing.



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