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AROMEA N°. 1 You can have everything! The aroma tower Aromea No. 1 is an “old hand” in the fragrance business and the hero of large rooms. AROMEA N°. 2 Decebt, but with a lot of power: With the little sister of Aromea No1, the Aroma Tower Aromea No 2, you opt for a reserved fragrance device for all EVENTualities. AROMEA AERA Airy, light and compact: AERA ... for small rooms and big dreams - The latest addition to the Aromea fragrance family impresses with it’s modesty, without losing the fragrance size. AROMEA CUBE The small cube of the Nano device family, the Aromea Cube, is not just square, practical and good: Quiet and reliable, he does the fragrance work with a delicate aroma veil made of nebulized droplets. AROMEA FLEX Flexible and dynamic in design - The Aromea Flex captivates with its reduced style and thus fits into any room feel – without distracting. AROMEA PRO Great fragrance performance, compact in design: The Aromea Pro line from the Nano device family consists of powerful fragrance models that hang on the walls of large rooms. But they don’t have to. AROMEA POWER Make way for the strongest device out of the nano family: The small box not only scents several thousand cubic meters of room volume per hour, but also impresses with its easy handling.

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