Aromea Flex

with AirQ technology

Flexible and dynamic in design

The Aromea Flex captivates with its reduced style and thus fits into any room feel – without distracting. However, sophisticated scent processing is hidden under the shell: in a patented process, the fragrance oil is atomized and blown out into nano-small droplets – a fragrant, invisible aroma cloud. The droplets are as big (or small) as the hundredth of a human hair, thus there are no deposits – just the pure aroma. Naturally hypoallergenic and sustainable. Easy to use, a socket is enough – the perfect partner in the world of fragrances.

In addition: Every device in the nano family is easy to use, timer-controlled and has 50 intensity levels as well as a patented process – AirQ technology, which converts the fragrance oil into nano-small droplets, nebulizes and blows them out. Aromea installs and maintains the fragrance solutions of the Nano family: customers enjoy pleasantly scented rooms and do not have to worry about a thing.



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