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Often heard and never really understood what it is? Small lesson in a few words: Aromatherapy uses essential oils to achieve various effects. For example, against everyday stress and for more relaxation or in the fight against flu and such. Especially nowadays the curative and supportive effect of essential oils is a not inconsiderable factor. Aromatherapy is not a medication, but it can optimize the room climate, strengthen your immune system and positively affect your psyche.


All of our fragrances consistenly and conscientiously follow all legal requirements, as well as the highest quality and safety standards oft the European Union and consumer protection. Our fragrances, in combination with the patented AirQ technology, reliably and sustainably create a hypoallergenic fragrance experience without residues and contact allergies.

De-stress Mind

... is de-worry. Reduces stress levels and the feeling of daily overload. Creates a quiet atmosphere to allow optimal relaxation, recreation and concentration. Get the spiritual insight with the power of 100% natural essential oils! Be focused.

Recommended for people who...

  • are stressed

  • feel emotionally exhausted

  • need to concentrate

Incense: Focusing.
For more focus in everyday life. And as a small jack of all trades, it is characterized by its anti-inflammatory effect & helps with asthmatic complaints.

Petitgrain: Relaxing.
This relaxing oil is extracted from the bitter orange tree. Above all, it contains highly relaxing and soothing esters and thus provides the necessary serenity.

Wild chamomile: Soothing.
Even as a small plant at the edge of the road, the chamomile should not be underestimated. The anti-inflammatory effect of the medicinal herb is attributed to the substances bisabolol, matricin, umbelliferon and chamazulene.

Revive Morning

… is like a restart. Provides a powerful revitalization and demonstrably refreshes the immediate surroundings. For positive vibrations and a constant flow of energy. Refreshes and invigorates with the power of 100% natural essential oils!

Recommended for people who ...

  • need an energy boost

  • suffer from jet lag

  • are not morning people

Juniper berry: Invigorating.
The oil of the juniper berry has a versatile effect: it has an antibacterial, cleaning, detoxifying and expectorant effect. It is also a popular natural remedy for a flat stomach.

Rosemary: stimulating.
As a miracle cure for headaches and migraines, this oil above all ensures a clear mind. It promotes vision and stimulates an energy boost for body and mind.

Pink grapefruit: enlivening.
Grapefruit oil has two sides. On the one hand, it stimulates enkephalin production: that means, it has the ability to relieve pain. On the other hand, the grapefruit oil is a real mood enhancer with the potential to trigger feelings of happiness.

Support Breathe

… is deep breath. Supports respiratory health. For a fresh air and a clear head. Take a deep breath with the power of 100% natural essential oils!

Recommended for people who...

  • feel clumsy

  • are without energy

  • are drained and have the feeling that they cannot think clearly

Eucalyptus: Aids breathing.
The eucalyptus oil has long been researched by scientists and doctors. And so far, many great abilities have been discovered: it stimulates the immune system, has an antiviral & antibacterial effect and thus helps with respiratory diseases.

Tea tree: Anti-bacterial.
The tea tree oil is a scientifically proven miracle cure that has been used in medicine for centuries. The tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and wound healing properties. In addition, it ensures a better indoor climate.

With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, the pine oil has been proven to help cure respiratory diseases. It also helps with inflammation of the joints and rheumatism thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect.


Forest Therapy

… is soul therapy. Creates a spicy atmosphere that calms the mind. Inspired by the Japanese art of forest bathing, this composition has an earthy and vitalizing effect with the power of 100% natural essential oils!

Recommended for people who ...

  • need to charge their batteries

  • need rest

  • want to take root

Pink Pepper: Nurturing.
The pink counterpart to black pepper. Few people know that pink pepper is actually related to cashew nuts. It provides a feeling of warmth, gives courage and helps to release blocked energies.

Cypress: Calming.
The cypress was considered a sacred tree in ancient times. It literally dispels grief and worries and thus ensures a balanced and happy mood. Has a cleansing effect and strengthens the nervous system.

Ho – Wood: Cleansing.
Makes you feel as comfortable like after a long walk in the forest. The oil from the wood and leaves of the camphor tree Cinnamomum camphora has a stress-relieving, balancing effect and ensures deep relaxation on a physical and psychological level.

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