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You’re shocked to discover that the fragrance machine in the shop or lobby is still running, even though you’ve already made yourself comfortable on the couch at home or are already sipping margaritas on the beach? Or something about the nano device just doesn’t work the way you want it to at this moment, but service by AROMEA Airdesign is too inconvenient or takes too long at this moment? A well-known fact: where technology is at work, sometimes a technician is also needed. Someone who knows more about nano-scent devices and patented AirQ technology and has more time than the average consumer. But what if the technician from AROMEA Airdesign could simply solve the problem digitally or change the settings of the fragrance device? Sounds like the future, but it is already possible in the present: remote maintenance with the help of ScenXus Technology – for smooth communication between AROMEA Airdesign, the unit and the location.

What AROMEA Airdesign technicians can control at the touch of a button via the innovative remote maintenance: Switch AROMEA’s devices on and off, change fragrance times and intensity in real time, check device performance and check if and when a fragrance cartridge change is due. ScenXus Dongle can do all this and much more. A user-friendly, internet-based platform that immediately enables AROMEA Airdesign technicians to provide real-time service and monitoring. Works particularly well with the Nano Pro or AROMEA Power. How does it work? Easy. Either it is installed via WLAN or easy with a separate ScenXus Data Network – depending on location, use and desire. The conclusion: a deluxe fragrance room with smart technology in the background.


  • Remote maintenance in real time
  • Notification of filling levels and cartridge replacement
  • Switching the unit on and off
  • Time changes
  • Changes to the programmes
  • Changes in fragrance intensity


• Available on all newly completed scent marketing packages and also with purchase of the device when booked separately* (BIG EASY & SHOP N’GO), on request also for existing packages

* For model Aromea Pro and Power

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