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The nose also eats. The best restaurant is in often in an old building. The show kitchen mixes the odeurs of fat with detergent. All kinds of smells are normal in gastronomy. But: All the senses eat with you. In the entrance area, the guest is made to want more by targeted fragrance marketing. Because the first impression counts.

Fitness & wellness area

Gives energy, brings calmness. Sure, nobody likes the smell of sweat. But fragrance marketing can do so much more. With the help of the right essences, the scent has a stimulating, balancing or motivating effect.

Business space

The logo for the nose: a fragrance that unmistakably stands for a company! Be it an insurance company, a hairdresser, a travel agency or a furniture store. The individual air design transforms a sales area, an office, the seminar room and any other business area into a haptic fragrance experience with recognition value.

Hotel industry

Where dreams learn to smell. How two people have to like each other to get along, it has to be that way too with a vacation home. If there are unpleasant smells mixed into the interior, the glass of champagne will not help. In general: fragrances are the dynamo of memories. And the positive ones like to be redone.

Medical areas

Fragrance cleanse body and soul. And distracts from unpleasant smells. In a doctor's office or a retirement home, it often smells of disinfection, of sterility. A smell that does not invite you to stay and even less to feel good. The right air design can help: patients or residents feel more comfortable, and the medical staff's work is made easier.

Clubs & bars

Whether a former smoking bar, dance club or a fine cocktail bar: The nose decides whether we like what we see. A decisive new factor: the smoking ban in Austria. Long debate, now a reality. But this creates a new problem. What to do with the old, stale smell of smoke? This problem can be solved with the right fragrance.

Hotels? The first impression counts and the last impression remains! A good fragrance increases customer satisfaction, increases frequency and turnover, and gives you a clear competitive advantage. In the hotel industry, we therefore recommend fragrance marketing if it really fits: always.

– Peter Peer is Honorary President of the Austrian Hotel Association and Vice President of the Travel Industry Club Austria. He received the gold medal of honor from the Republic of Austria for his services in the hotel industry.

With adequate use in a suitable concentration, only the most modern air design can be used for advantages: positive mood, relaxation, fear relief - ultimately even positive physical reactions at the cellular level.

– Dr. Gerhard Ritz, Otolaryngologist and allergist in Graz



Events are ideal for multi-sensory marketing. Whether as a brand or a company: staged as a harmonious experience fragrant for all senses, the positive memory, the emotion and the willingness to buy. MULTISENSORY Enhancement to go.

We scent events and create memories that never fade.

Communication is king.
And best of all directly. Individual customer care is just as important to Aromea as the unforgettable fragrance experiences in your company.

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