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Fragrances determine our subconscious, which in turn is shaped by memories and experiences.

If a person is to feel good, they must be able to smell their surroundings. That’s what the synapses in his brainstem tell him – emotions or not. There are, for example, the citrus scents that stimulate, the lavender that soothes or the scent of vanilla that reminds of children’s joys and warm rooms. Woody tobacco notes, on the other hand, lead you into a completely different world: into the exotic strange – rough, manly and without frills.

Aromea Airdesign captures all of these head images in a wide variety of flavors, prepares high-quality room fragrances from them and weaves them into the direct environment using innovative fragrance solutions. Because nothing is remembered more than a fragrance. This can be the lobby of a hotel, a boutique or the waiting room of a doctor’s office. It can also be the very special scent of an event – excitement, joy or elegance. Fragrances convey feelings. And memories.

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